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Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2019 (approved September 12, 2019)

Elections Commission
City and County of San Francisco
William Walker, Secretary
Open Source Voting System Technical Advisory Committee
Christopher Jerdonek, Chair
Roan Kattouw, Vice Chair
Carl Hage
Brandon Philips
Tony Wasserman
Open Source Voting System Technical Advisory Committee (OSVTAC)
of the San Francisco Elections Commission
Saturday, June 8, 2019
1:00 p.m.
Mary Louise Stong Conference Room (1st Floor)
The San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street (at Grove Street)
San Francisco, California

Order of Business

1. Call to Order & Roll Call

Chair Jerdonek called the meeting to order at 1:18 p.m. Present: Members Hage, Jerdonek, Kattouw. (Member attendance at this special working meeting had previously been announced as optional.)

2. General Public Comment


3. Voting System Component Development

During this item the committee members worked on the committee’s open source election results reporter (ORR) and improving the output of the ORR demo page. The demo page is viewable at: https://github.com/OSVTAC/osv-results-demo

Member Hage worked on adding new attributes to the JSON input file and data model (e.g. contest.approval_required, contest.name, etc), as listed in ORR’s issue #16 .

Member Kattouw worked on improving the display of the RCV results (e.g. first-round totals).

Chair Jerdonek worked on replacing the generate.sh shell scripts used to generate the demo pages with a single generate.py Python script.

Public comment: None.

Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.